About our sweater patterns

About our sweater patterns

Are you considering designing your first knitted sweater in Dreamknit but would like to know more about our patterns first? Then you've come to the right place! Here, we will take a look on how they are knitted and their difficulty levels.



✨ They are knitted from the top down.

✨ All sweaters are seamless.

✨ We use simple language – no difficult abbreviations.

✨ We provide instructional videos for every step.

✨ You can choose to knit with any yarn you like!



You can choose between two different fits when designing your own - "regular" or "oversized." This determines how the sweater fits your body, with the main differences being where the seam between the body and sleeves hits and how large the sweater is compared to your body.

For sweaters with a gauge less than 17 stitches/10 cm, short rows are added at the shoulders for a better fit.


On sweaters with a regular fit, the seam between the sleeves and the body is placed at the edge of the shoulder, and the start of the sleeves is shaped with short rows for a good fit. We love these sweaters for an everyday look!



Ahh... Oversized. It's no secret that this is a favorite of ours. With oversized sweaters, you get the "drop shoulder" look where the seam is placed further down on the arm. 

Both fits can be combined with all types of sleeves and necklines, and in any yarn!


These sweaters can also be designed with various types of sleeves, necklines, and regular or oversized fit. They are shaped with raglan increases. The v-neck option is not compatible with raglan sweaters yet.


Another option in the design tool is t-shirts, which is located at the sleeve choices. T-shirts can be combined with the same design attributes as set-in and raglan sweaters.


To make a slipover, you have to choose the set-in option and find slipover among the choices for the sleeves. These can be combined with any neckline and fit.



All our patterns have thorough explanations in addition to instructional videos. Feedback from our customers says that the patterns are easy to follow and fun to knit.

●○○○○ 1 out of 5

Simple projects with no advanced techniques. Only basic knit and purl stitches and increases are used. Perfect for beginners.

●●○○○ 2 out of 5

Quite simple projects with a few new techniques (such as knit and purl stitches, increases, and short rows). Suitable for those who have knitted one or two projects before.

●●●○○ 3 out of 5

Medium difficulty projects with some techniques or other features that require some attention along the way (for example, short rows, stripes, or other details).

●●●●○ 4 out of 5

Slightly difficult projects with several advanced techniques or other features that make this project suitable for those who have knitted some sweaters already.

●●●●● 5 out of 5

Projects for the knitter who wants to try something new or is up for a challenge.


If you want to dive into a world of possibilities, go to the tool and design your dream sweater! 

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